manduca® First HempCotton

Proven over many years now, and one of the most popular baby carriers in the market, manduca is continuously being improved. The manduca First HempCotton baby carrier is our very first ergonomic carrier.

€124.90 RRP incl. VAT

The baby carrier that sets the standard.

With many helpful features and accessories, our first baby, manduca First HempCotton, is the perfect way to wear your baby. Made for all parents seeking the highest, perfected comfort.

Chest carrying
Chest carrying
Hip carrying
Hip carrying
Back carrying
Back carrying


  • M-Position
  • Patented back extension
  • Integrated infant seat
  • Can be used on your chest, hip or back
  • Ergonomic hip belt
  • Fits both tall and short parents
  • Can be used for children from 3.5 kg to 20 kg in weight
  • Meets the CEN/TR 16512:2015 standard




Outer shell

  • 55 % hemp
  • 45 % certified organic cotton

Inner shell

  • 100 % certified organic cotton

Care instructions



manduca® accessories for baby carriers – brilliantly beautiful

manduca offers many accessories to complement your life with your child – and which also look good at the same time. From the compatible bag for going out, to practical strap protectors, to individual inserts for the baby carrier such as the back extension and accessories for newborns.

Naturally the right choice

When it comes to baby carriers, you can rely on our seal of quality - from our patented back extension to stringent testing for harmful substances and the orthopaedically correct M-Position®.