Baby carriers by manduca® -

and life feels carefree

We support parents in enjoying life with their children, in freeing up their hands for better things – and freeing up their minds as a result. That’s why we’ve developed baby carriers and slings from manduca. For a life close to your child, and for a fun life as a parent.

Why baby carriers from manduca® perfectly fit your life

The soft shoulder strap, which is adjustable in three ways, and the ergonomic hip belt featured with baby carriers from manduca First distribute your baby’s weight evenly across your hips and shoulders – for longer-lasting comfort. Whether you wear your child in front, in back or on your hip, baby carriers from manduca will convince you with their high flexibility while providing a closeness that is incomparable.


Functional and smart

The buckle on the shoulder strap is equipped with a double pull mechanism – giving you the chance to adjust your manduca First to perfectly fit you and your child.

Thanks to the patented back extension, you have an extremely flexible baby carrier in manduca First. Because it enables you to adjust the carrier’s height, manduca First grows with your child.

Once you have put on the carrier, you can finely adjust its fit with these buckles – enabling your baby to always be very close to your body.

manduca First ensures your child is continuously sitting in the ergonomic M-Position (spread-squat position), which is recommended by orthopaedists and midwives alike.

The connection strap is adjustable along the shoulder strap – and you can even connect it at other positions on the strap too. When wearing your baby in the front, you can easily close the buckle yourself at the back of your neck.

The head support is hidden in its own storage compartment from which it can quickly be taken out to offer support and protection from the weather. It easily attaches to adjustable hooks along the shoulder strap – to fit your individual needs.

The integrated infant seat, also known as the newborn insert, turns your manduca First into the perfect carrier for small babies from a weight of 3,500 g.

The hip belt wraps around your hips to distribute your child’s weight evenly – which is particularly also good for your back. It is secured using a high-quality, three-point safety buckle which cannot open on its own.

Good reasons for easy, lightweight manduca® baby carriers

Simply ingenious: the manduca® back extension

Thanks to the patented back extension, you have an extremely flexible baby carrier in manduca First which you can effortlessly adapt to your baby’s height – to grow with him/her. This not only sounds convenient, it is convenient! You can use the back extension from day one – after all, it’s an ingenious invention for children of all ages:

  • For newborns as a head and neck support – mainly with the use of the infant seat
  • For supporting your baby’s head when he/she falls asleep – you can even softly open the back extension while wearing your baby in the front
  • For stabilising a restless baby
  • For larger children as a support in the shoulder area – enabling manduca to grow with your child so you can also safely carry your child when he/she is older and becomes tired of walking or does not want to walk

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Orthopaedically correct, simply perfect:
the M-Position®

The spread-squat position is the natural position that a newborn automatically takes when he/she is lifted up.

Your baby automatically bends his/her legs – like a monkey – to instinctively get ready to be carried. We at manduca call this the M-Position, because your baby’s bottom, together with the bent legs, forms a large “M”. M for manduca.

manduca ensures your child is continuously in the M-Position, which is recommended by orthopaedists and midwives alike. The M-Position is the natural sitting and carrying position of a child, as it takes the pressure caused by the child’s weight off the still sensitive hip and spine.

manduca First for newborns too:
thanks to the infant seat

The infant seat for newborns and small babies is already integrated into your manduca First – enabling your baby to be carried in manduca First even shortly after birth (from a weight of 3,500 g). Here is where your baby can feel comfort, security and closeness to you, all of which are so very important.

The fact that the infant seat is already integrated into your manduca First is doubly convenient: on the one hand, you do not have any extra parts which can go lost and, on the other, you do not need to buy expensive accessories. And when your baby doesn’t need the infant seat anymore, you simply roll it together and store it in the built-in pocket.

With manduca First, you have a baby carrier which is there for you from birth to preschool. It’s great that manduca First grows with your baby!


Your manduca® baby carrier instructions for downloading

It’s actually very simple. And with the instructions for your manduca, it’s even easier to put on and adjust the baby carrier.

Discover it today: the manduca® sling

Flexible, soft and especially lightweight – the manduca sling seamlessly adapts to your every movement without restricting you in any way.

manduca® accessories for baby carriers – brilliantly beautiful

manduca offers many accessories to complement your life with your child – and which also look good at the same time. From the compatible bag for going out, to practical strap protectors, to individual inserts for the baby carrier such as the back extension and accessories for newborns.